About Stashi


Our mission is to offer you premium documentation & business consulting services, as well as custom business products.


Our services can greatly help you no matter where in the world your people are working.

Safety Documentation, Client & Employee Vetting Services

Stashi's safety-agility method is directly in line with minimalism.

Our SafetyPact™ offering is designed to give your people an edge over competitors, by helping you get to know your customers and people better. Your employees, supervisors and managers will be able to quickly nail down your requirements and follow through with everything that is supposed to be going on in your workplace. Safetypact™ will be ready on or before September 1st, 2018.

See our ABOUT section for more details on the services we provide through vetted business contractors and also our own team!

Stashi™ founder Scott Leonard worked in the industrial piping sector, between 1996 and 2016, helping to manage his family's business, Pipe Specialties International Inc. In 2011, Scott was placed on the company management team and he has performed activities not limited to:

It is with Stashi that Scott will bring these services to mostly small and medium sized businesses, across Canada and abroad.Scott worked closely on projects for MANY active clients of Pipe Specialties.

In 2016, Pipe Specialties closed its doors after over 35 years of service in the piping industry as margins fell too low to sustain profitability, while projects all over the Alberta Oil Sands were put on hold due to falling oil prices. Up against too much resistance, the owners (Scott's parents) made the tough decision to shutter the business, to everyone's disappointment. However, they knew that it wasn't working so it was the right decision to cut losses and enjoy a well-earned retirement!

For Scott, this meant going back to school at University of New Brunswick for the CRSP prep course, which he has 75% completed. Scott's background with a diploma from St. Lawrence College in the Computer Programmer Analyst field of study, gives him an edge for business information organization and also occupational health, environment and safety needs.

Some of the clients Scott worked with at Pipe Specialties no longer exist, but Scott remembers fondly working with exceptional people from every one of the following clients: