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Welcome! We are slowly getting ready to launch our new SafetyPact solution to safety in the workplace! Standby while we grow our codebase.

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An open letter from Scott Leonard, lead developer of Stashi products and services:


I definitely wanted to talk to you about something super passionate to me -- safety.

Today safety is wayyyy to complicated. So instead of complaining, I did something about it. I created SafetyPact.org, so we could make SAFETY more ACCESSIBLE.

After working for a LOT of clients in the Calgary Oil Sands, I figured out a great METHOD for fine tuning that EVERYONE can use! You can check out previous clients I've worked with on our ABOUT page. There are nearly FIVE HUNDRED organizations there and each of them had varying constraints for safety requirements.

But what I figured out was that no matter how hard I tried, it didn't seem like we were doing ENOUGH TANGIBLE things for safety. The manual we ended up with was TOO COMPLICATED.

So breaking it down, the EMPLOYER'S DUE DILIGENCE is a fancy way of saying that:

For EVERY TASK an employee performs, they remain fully competent, with the right equipment to get the job done safely.

We help you break down your common inspection and evaluation of TASKS, HAZARDS, CONTROLS and PROCEDURES. It's really easy compared to what is currently available and we can make it happen FOR YOU.

I can't count how many times I was training workers with less than university or college level schooling and their EYES glossed over after a day-long training session with all the DETAILS of safety. It was really rough on some workers who would get anxiety being forced to LEARN such things and in such an ADVANCED WAY.

When I exited my father's company to pursue OHS certification with University of New Brunswick -- again the requirements for safety in the workplace were OVER COMPLICATED.

So that's what we're here for. We're here to SIMPLIFY. Get you all on the right page and ready to go for the ONGOING safety REQUIREMENTS.

No matter where you are working, you MUST COMPLY with REGULATIONS. We help you get started BETTER and EASIER than other offerings.

Easy Steps to Safety.

The first step is to present your employees with SAFETY PACT packages. They hop online from their cell phone, iPad or computer and fill out a questionnaire. Use the login info provided by email.

Then each employee watches our training VIDEOS and make notes along the way.

We keep it really simple.

Then the employee will take an EXAM on the information so that they are AWARE of their RESPONSIBILITY to SAFETY in the workplace.

After the EXAM, if they are successful, they are INVITED to LOCK IN on their SAFETY PACT.

So what has been established with our METHOD is that they are working under FREE WILL in the workplace and that they are RESPONSIBLE to ENSURE they are trained for every task or they must follow YOUR REPORTING PROCEDURE.

With Love + Best Wishes!
Scott Leonard
Lead Developer of Stashi.org and SafetyPact.org

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